Friday, February 6, 2009

Do Over

It is not uncommon to hear children say that they want a “do-over”, especially if something did not turn out as they’d initially predicted. And as children, where the world seems to somehow govern itself under rules that are far more just than in the adult world, they are miraculously granted a 2nd chance or a reprieve, if you will, to correct a wrong or gain another shot at perfection.

Admittedly, I am secretly jealous of them for this reason (though no longer *secret* after this post). I mean how many times have you made a choice that you wanted to change later on? For example, it can be something as simple
as while driving, changing lanes to avoid a back-up, only to end up behind a “Sunday driver”; or placing an order for an item, only to have it arrive and be something completely different from what was initially envisioned and now you are stuck with return shipping fees, to something more serious, like posting a disparaging or inappropriate comment on someone’s blog that you now regret , or finally for having chosen a career path that siphons your spirit, with no available viable options of rectification(thankfully this is not the case for me because I love what I do).

A do-over could change the time-space continuum as we know it, right? (Back-To-The-Future reference). Think of what a do-over could have allowed happen: the McCain-Palin ticket actually WON the November election, or my parents got a do-over in regards to their marriage, and as a result, I or my 3 brothers were never born, or that the 3Rd Reich was actually successful in their quest for world domination and subjugation. These events would have had far-reaching effects on how the world as I know it, developed. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective, there is no real “do-over” in life, but don’t you wish that there was?

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